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We provide educational and supportive services in the community to individuals, companies, women's organizations and faith-based institutions that support women and girls of color. 

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GLOW Girl Program

Growing in Leadership while Operating in Wellness

This is our NEWLY improved program focused on preventive health care, leadership, self-esteem and self-awareness in adolescent girls to young adult women. 

Understanding and taking measures to be well during the formative years allows young women to develop and embrace healthy living strategies for a lifetime. 

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She Is Well Program

Women's Health and Wellness

This Signature program provides education, support and resources to marginalized women of color in the community. She Is Well covers topics related to creating a healthy lifestyle and the strategies to maintain health across the lifespan. We focus on the "Circle of Wellness" to empower women in every area of their wellness.

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Heart Health Matters Program

Nearly 50,000 African American women die annually due to cardiovascular related disease. Most due to lack of care or access, misdiagnosis, limited knowledge and resources that don't represent BIPOC. Our program aims to eliminate health disparities and unnecessary heart related complications and deaths through education, health screenings and medication management.

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Sugarless Living Diabetes Program

According to the CDC, Diabetes increases the risk of heart disease by about four times in women... especially African American, Hispanic/Latina and American Indian women. Our Signature program takes a holistic approach to teaching women the proper way prevent and manage diabetes to minimize complications. 

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Pinky Promise Breast Cancer Program

This Signature program provides support, education and resources to women in the community related to breast health awareness. It also provides care packages to breast cancer patients undergoing treatment.

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End the Pretend 

Mental Health Awareness Program

The state of our mental wellness is paramount to preserving physical health. End the Pretend is committed to providing education and resources that support mental health.  

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